About us

Plums N Peaches bikini swimsuits are stylish yet comfortable. The range of styles and colors in our collection of swimwear is glamourous and classy at the same time. There is something for every fashionista in Plums N Peaches designer swim-wear collection of some of the best swimwear from Australia and around the world. We provide you with creative prints, classy cuts and flattering features. Your beautiful womanly body should not be hidden; now flaunt your feminine curves in a Plums N Peaches bikini that shows off your best assets. Beach wear this tasteful should be part of your wardrobe and travel necessities.

Sophistication and quality are part of our vision in every product. Plums N Peaches Brazilian bikini styles range from simple and modest to elegant and eye-catching. From a bright yellow simplistic bikini to our Brooklyn bikini with a touch of attitude, we have exactly the right styles for every online bikini shopper. All of Plums N Peaches bikini products demand attention and are designed to flatter your body. For secluded sunbathing by the pool, casual beach parties or elaborate cruises, Plums N Peaches bikinis are the perfect choice for any occasion. Designed with passion, worn with confidence.